Friday, February 22, 2013

1 Week past IUI, 1 Week till test

Ok, sorry it's been so long since my last post!! I took the trigger shot, and despite scary warnings from my doctor about it stinging a lot- I had no problem with it. So far I've still had no emotional symptoms and very few physical symptoms from any of the medication. The day of the IUI we went in at 40 hours past the trigger and completed the IUI with no pain- just the normal speculum discomfort, and it was over in minutes. No U/S or blood work so hopefully I ovulated? We only had 2.5 million "good" swimmers which is far from ideal, but we've probably sent at least one prayer up for each one!! That night I started crinone, progesterone suppositories and I've been on Vivelle Dot estradiol patch for about 10 days. The progesterone is making me very tired, I've been sleeping A LOT, and is making my boobs REALLY hurt, but no other symptoms. I decided to take a HPT every few days starting on the day of IUI to test out the trigger- I wanted to know when the hcg from the shot had worn off so I'd know if I got a positive pregnancy test later that it wasn't just the shot. Then I bought an undisclosed amount of dollar store HPTs so I could test everyday... I'm officially obsessing!!!

Today is my one week mark, halfway through the two week wait. I've decided that this daily testing idea was a mistake since I have several different brands of tests. Yesterday the $ store one was stark white negative and the day before the clearblue was barely positive, but this morning on a FRER I got a very very faint positive. I'm 7dpiui and 8.5dp trigger. I took 1 250 shot of Ovidrel and think it should be out of my system, but also know it's too early for BFP and now I'm going crazy! Note to self, be patient!! If I have to do this again (and God willing I won't) I will only test once- the day before Beta!! So, am I going to stop daily testing now? No, I can't, I'm addicted... what is wrong with me?? Haha, anyway, today is CD22, not much longer!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

IUI on Friday... my oh my!

Ok, I had the last appointment before IUI today! I have 5 final follies... ahhh!!! 22, 18, 16, and 2 at 15. I'm waiting for blood test results, but lining is 9.5... we're triggering today at 7:15pm and doing the IUI 40 hours later at 11:15am on Friday. They want me to start the estraiol patches tonight and the crinone progesterone suppositories tomorrow- day before iui and take them till BFN or 8 weeks after BFP.


My results just came in, e2 is 1692 and p4 is 1.1 I confirmed about the progesterone and they say I need to take it tomorrow, I can take it in AM or PM, but need to do the same each day. I guess I'm trusting them, well trusting God, and hoping for the best!

Monday, February 11, 2013

CD11 U/S and B/W

Ok, I had my CD11 U/S and bloodwork this morning- they'll call later with the results. I've been using 25 iu Follistim twice a day and was told to continue using it till Wednesday- I go back to see if we should trigger. IUI is scheduled for Friday- CD15. I have 4 follies- 15, 14, and 2 are 13. Three on the right and one on the left.

I have a tattoo, get blood drawn all the time, and I've had surgery so I did not think giving myself injections would be a big deal, but I flipped out! My husband had to do the first few and now I'm fine with it, but there's something so unnatural about self inflicted pain! Haha, I felt like such a wimp!

Thankfully, I've had no side effects from the follistim either. Thanking God this whole process has been pretty smooth so far. I actually feel really great. My husband is going this afternoon to add to his "collection" and I had some tears when he hugged me this morning, but no mood problems with either drug or physical issues. Having said that, I don't know how people do this month after month! I will need at least a month off if we're not successful- it's so consuming I feel like I'm dropping the balls in other areas- this whole process is exhausting!!! Prayers up!

Bloodwork came back...

P4 is still less than .5, and E2 is 787. Oh, and my lining was 7.5 so I'm hoping that increases. I don't start progesterone suppositories or estrogen patches till Wednesday.

Friday, February 8, 2013

So, Jessica Alba has the cutest company with earth and baby friendly products and I'm entertaining the idea of doing an eco-friendly baby review to occupy my 2ww including comparing cloth diapers to disposible but earth-friendly diapers. I am also delving into Montessori and making a product collection with magazine clippings. Just wanted to give a few shoutouts to the companies/people I'm following and plan to be using soon, God willing!!!

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CD8 Bloodwork and U/S

I'm waiting to hear back about the estradiol and progesterone numbers, but the appointment went well. I have 8 follies, 3 that are 9 (2 right/1 left), and the rest 6 or under. My lining was about 6.5. They will let me know my numbers this afternoon and whether or not and how much Follistim to use. I got back Monday to do the same tests again. I also spoke to my RE about the SIRM conference I went to and conversation with Dr. Sher. He is very supportive of ordering any tests I want, but says he has my best interests and budget in mind. He also thinks we have a less than 10% chance of IUI working with male factor issues, BUT says its worth trying. I feel content with that and I physically and emotionally feel great right now so why not?

Bloodwork results:

I have to take the Follistim: 25 iu tonight, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Monday morning
Estradiol was 191 and P4 was less than .5
My numbers are low, but they said the progesterone suppositories will help as will the follistim and I go back on Monday morning to check in again! Prayers up!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4...

I started Clomid yesterday. This is finally becoming real! I was having the period from hell... in fact the most painful, heavy, miserable one I've had in years and within 30-45 min of taking the Clomid my cramps went away, and flow slowed down. (TMI alert) I was having to change every 45-hour and it slowed to 3-4 hours. So I was glad for that, BUT since I started my period around 2pm on Friday, they want me to take Clomid around that time each day (not very convenient) and while watching super bowl on the couch with DH I was hot and cold and hot and cold, then cried during the Clydesdale commercial. It got me thinking how ridiculous IF treatment is. You have to start meds that make you crazy while on your period - terrible combination, then if you don't get BFP, you get the bad news and your period at the same time. Just. Not. Cool. Prayers up!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013


The appointment on the phone went well, Dr. Sher is such a nice person, but very matter-a-fact. He confirmed what my RE has said- IUI with any male factor issue is not often successful, but why not try it just in case? He said with our age/numbers/history we'd have an 85% chance of success and could donate our frozen babies to couples who couldn't otherwise afford egg donation... lot to consider there.

He also said to apply for free IVF to and if we don't qualify and would like him to be our doctor he would do whatever he could to reduce costs and ethical dilemmas to our comfort level- very kind.

We decided to move forward with our Feb. IUI. CD1 should be any day now and I'm trying to not stress so comes quickly! If it doesn't work, we'll talk about what next. I've asked my doctor to order the activated natural killer cell test though just in case.