Wednesday, February 13, 2013

IUI on Friday... my oh my!

Ok, I had the last appointment before IUI today! I have 5 final follies... ahhh!!! 22, 18, 16, and 2 at 15. I'm waiting for blood test results, but lining is 9.5... we're triggering today at 7:15pm and doing the IUI 40 hours later at 11:15am on Friday. They want me to start the estraiol patches tonight and the crinone progesterone suppositories tomorrow- day before iui and take them till BFN or 8 weeks after BFP.


My results just came in, e2 is 1692 and p4 is 1.1 I confirmed about the progesterone and they say I need to take it tomorrow, I can take it in AM or PM, but need to do the same each day. I guess I'm trusting them, well trusting God, and hoping for the best!

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