Friday, December 28, 2012

Drugs Abound

Ok, meds were delivered as promised by Avella Specialty Pharmacy and delivered for free same day by Medex Courier Inc. Here's the breakdown of cost between United Healthcare and CVS Caremark. Also, Follstim came, not sure I knew I was getting that? This must be how old people feel with all their meds... yikes! My husband was singing the infertility version of 12 days of Christmas while I unpacked them.

- 2 boxes of 8 (16) Vivelle Dot 1mg estradiol patches. Put 2 near belly button every 3 days. $11.43

- 10 pills of 50mg Clomid. 2 each morning for 5 days (100mg/day) $20.00

- 2 boxes of 15 (30) Crinone (progesterone gel 8%). Once daily, single use vaginal applicators (yuck). $11.07

- 14 pills of 100mg Doxycycline. 2x a day for 1 week. 16¢

- 4 pills of 500mg Azithromycin 2 once a day for 2 days. $2.02

- 1 prefilled vial of Follistim AQ 300iu $266 plus a free Follistim pen and kit (actually kinda cute little purse thing).

- 1 prefilled syringe of Ovidrel 250iu. $94.64

So... cost of infertility drugs $405.50... cost of first try IUI success... priceless. Prayers up!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Balancing our plan with His plan

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I'm hoping that next Christmas we have a 2 month old baby or two in our arms!! Here's an update from our appointment on the 19th...

My DH's numbers weren't quite what I thought after Dr. Jacob walked us through everything. The appointment was an hour and a half of planning, answering questions, and learning a lot! The count was good, but motility low, and post-thaw (they did a sample post-thaw to test it) was only 20% motility. The volume is also low so they want some more to add in. Dr is still optimistic, but wanted us to know that IVF may be in our future, but why not try IUI once or twice... great.

Also, my FSH was higher than a 28 year old's should be, more along the 38 year-old mark so he said time is not on our side and to prepare for failing first while we're figuring it out. My hope is that he is preparing us for the worst, but hoping for the best. He ordered prescriptions for January through some mail order company. I should start AF on the 3rd. I may have to go out of town on O-day though so I need to work that out before we start in case we have to postpone...again...till February.

Here's what her ordered...

Day 3-7: 100mg Clomid (5 pills)

Day 7: U/S, estradiol labs, and zithromax pill

Day 8-14: Antibiotics 2x/day (14 pills)

Day 10: U/S, estradiol and progesterone labs

Day 12: (Approx) Ovidrel & Vivelle Patch (every 3 days)

Day 13: (Approx) Prometrium 200mg every 8 hours

Day 14: (Approx) IUI

Day 28: (Approx) Beta #1

Day 30: (Approx) Beta #2

For someone who hasn't had many vaccinations and doesn't take medication for anything... this is a big deal, but will be sooo worth it! Anyone have an opinion about this regimen? We asked about the risk of multiples and both nearly panicked over the answer. He said that there is a risk- like John and Kate. He explained that in the last U/S it could look like 6 eggs and be 6 eggs, or 2 eggs and 4 cysts, or all cysts. If there are more than 4 potential eggs he will tell me to make a decision and ask me to promise to do selective reduction if we get pregnant with more than 3. It's my call if I want to stop an IUI cycle or take the risk, he can only encourage me to do selective reduction, but can't force me to. He said he'll tell me the risks, but it's my gamble to make.

My husband and I could not and will not do selective reduction so we will have to be very brave in the face of our dreams being in the balance. Ugh, not a feeling I want to be faced with!!! How are all of you dealing with this emotional/spiritual/hormonal conflict? I like my Dr a lot, his staff is incredible, they are warm and caring and flexible and my Dr. is award winning, but I don't think he's a Christian and I KNOW he's not a counselor. I like that he gives us the choice, tells us the risks, and walks us through the process, but I almost wish so much wasn't in our hands. We're just going to have to trust God, fully. Ahhhh!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of swimmers... actually swimming!

Well here's some good news I think!! The SA sample that we also froze ... 125 million and 35% motility which is incredible for a paraplegic so at least we got stuff to use... now we wait for January! Dec 19th we make a plan and get Rx from RE... until then, survive AF and decorate for Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A few updates... two steps foreward one step back

Hopes, Prayers, and Nerves... Oh my!


11-28-12 Ok, well on Friday my amazing, brave, and devoted DH will goin for Penile Vibrator Stimulation (PVS) or Electro Ejaculation. Then I'll have to take the sample across the street to my RE (literally across the street, thank goodness) for testing, and God willing , freezing. Then we'll be on track for a December IUI. CD1 should be Dec. 6th.

I hope you like popsicles...


11-30-12 So today went really well, the PVS took like 4 minutes and some minor humiliation on my husbands part, but we got a sample and my RE tested and froze it. We don't have any numbers or results, but know they wouldn't have frozen blanks! Woohoo!!

Sad news, but trusting Him


12-3-12 So, my RE just informed me that he will be out of town shortly after my ovulation date and he doesn't want to risk my having delayed ovulation due to meds and be out of town on the day I need IUI... I am sad, but trusting God has a plan for us. DH is being so sweet about my dissappointment and we have agreed to party through the holidays and relax and enjoy each other. He also found out that he has to go out of town for a few days- the days I would have been on medications for the first time, soooo.... I think everything is happening the right way.... ugh!