Monday, December 3, 2012

A few updates... two steps foreward one step back

Hopes, Prayers, and Nerves... Oh my!


11-28-12 Ok, well on Friday my amazing, brave, and devoted DH will goin for Penile Vibrator Stimulation (PVS) or Electro Ejaculation. Then I'll have to take the sample across the street to my RE (literally across the street, thank goodness) for testing, and God willing , freezing. Then we'll be on track for a December IUI. CD1 should be Dec. 6th.

I hope you like popsicles...


11-30-12 So today went really well, the PVS took like 4 minutes and some minor humiliation on my husbands part, but we got a sample and my RE tested and froze it. We don't have any numbers or results, but know they wouldn't have frozen blanks! Woohoo!!

Sad news, but trusting Him


12-3-12 So, my RE just informed me that he will be out of town shortly after my ovulation date and he doesn't want to risk my having delayed ovulation due to meds and be out of town on the day I need IUI... I am sad, but trusting God has a plan for us. DH is being so sweet about my dissappointment and we have agreed to party through the holidays and relax and enjoy each other. He also found out that he has to go out of town for a few days- the days I would have been on medications for the first time, soooo.... I think everything is happening the right way.... ugh!

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