Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HSG not so shabby

More uncomfortable than the hysteroscopy, but not painful. One tube was perfectly open and one had some blockage the dye cleared up -which was the uncomfortable part, but over in seconds. Another step down!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bump in the night... I mean road

So we went to the Urologist last week and told her what was going on. The office seemed a bit disorganized, but everyone was still free spirited and kind. Poor DH is going to have to try electro-ejaculation simulation (high powered external vibrator- in office) to get a sample which we will pray over like crazy and freeze right away. If he can't produce a sample that way it will have to require minor (but major to the patient) surgery to capture some swimmers. He is frustrated, but taking this all really well. I'm proud of us for continuing to laugh and love our way through this- which is strange because a year ago we could have a terrible 3-day fight over wall paint color. Gotta love the gift of time- I totally get the age old advice, "The first year is the hardest," and I'm glad we didn't attempt any fertility stuff back then! Anyway, below are my CD3 blood test results. My RE is going to discuss them with me later so any incite would be welcome. He is also going to do my HSG now so we can keep moving forward despite the bump in the road. I'm happy about that because the feeling of "doing something" is better than the wait and see. He says it's an easy 15 minute procedure and I'll be just fine and that it's not as bad as the hysteroscopy, which was also fine, but I've read much different opinions on here so we'll see??? Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) 3.8 ng/mL TSH 1.100 uIU/mL LH 6.6 mIU/mL FSH 8.9 mIU/mL Prolactin 13.8 ng/mL Estradiol 36.9 pg/mL Rubella Antibodies, IgG 56 IU/mL __________________ Here is our checklist so far... Me: This and that now that we're checking, but nothing too serious. 27/F DH: Paraplegic. 39/M Us: We are in the beginning stages of this and hoping to start our family using IUI soon. - 10/16: Urologist gave us meds to help with erections which would make getting a sample for analysis easier. - 10/17: RE walked us through the process. DH on antibiotics for a UTI so we have to wait for SA. - 10/19: US and saline inflation found 3 cysts on each ovary and a small polyp in my uterus. - 10/24: Hysteroscopy. Watched live video feed of my baby making mechanisms. Polyp and cysts are ignorable for now. - 11/2: DH did infecious disease screening - 11/8: CD1 - 11/10: My CD 3 Blood test results:AMH: 3.8, TSH 1.100, LH 6.6, FSH 8.9, Prolactin 13.8, Estradiol 36.9, Rubella Antibodies, IgG 56 - 11/13 Urology Apt. We're going to have to do Electro-Ejaculation Simulation or surgical sperm removal due to sudden inability to ejaculate (Poor D.H.)

Cycle Day 1... November

Ok, it's 11/8/12, CD1, and I'm weirdly excited... somehow that means a fresh start (since it does not yet signify failed attempts and hopefully never does). A few snags in the road, timing won't work for a November try (would have had to start meds today or the next few days I think) and DH has not been able to produce a sample. Urologist is meeting with us on the 13th and we're considering electroejacualtion as a possibility... poor guy. However, I am still hopeful for December, which was my initial plan anyway and I am good with that! If we get a BFP after December IUI I'd be able to tell him on his birthday which falls right after 2ww would be!!! I wanted to post the following though, just in case I lose it during my 2ww. Yesterday I had cramps, felt a little bloated, my boobs are slightly sore and full. Today I am so light its like spotting. And all week leading up to this I have been SUPER tired, slightly emotional, and have had days of extreme hunger and no appetite. So, if during my 2ww I start thinking those are symptoms, please encourage my optimism, but remind me of these realities!! Hehe!! Thanks ahead of time.

It's all about the money

So, today I called Labcore, our RE, CVS Caremaerk, and United Healthcare so I can document and get a true idea about what this is going to be like. We've already met our deductible for the year, $4500, due to regular expenses my husband has. Here's what I know so far... RE: $1200 per IUI or $10,000 for IVF plus medication and lab work. $300 for 6 months of freezing storage. Hysteroscopy: $1270 (United paid $350, I'll pay $35), and USS/SUS (Hysteroscopy): $650 (United paid $260, I'll pay $26). United Healthcare: Covers all testing and treatment- lab bloodwork, U/S, HSG, hysteroscopy, etc. Covers up to $10,000 of IUI for a lifetime, no IVF, no donor stuff or storage. Labcorp: FSH and related tests about $800 (thankfully covered), S.A. $250 (also covered). Infectious disease screening about $1250 (covered...woohoo). CVS Caremark: I asked about some of the most common meds I've seen posted on here... not everything makes sense to me, but we'll see! Lupron Depot: 7.5mg syringekit - $89 Clomid: 50mg (5 days) - $70 Gonal-F: 450 U Vial - $70 Bravelle: 75 IU Vial (10 days) - $400 Menopur: 75 IU Vial (10 days) - $215 Follistim: 300 IU Vial - $40

U/S and Saline Hysteroscopy

Hi! So my wonderful RE and his amazing team put me at ease instantly and all my nerves were for nothing. They gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers to help with the local anesthisia, but by making me laugh and showing me live video feed of my baby making mechanisms they totally distracted me and 15 minutes later it was over. DH can do SA next week and if there is usable stuff we'll freeze it in case we don't get another good sample, then I'll do the hsg (dye test for tubes) and next stop IUI! Prayers up! I read that many women are put under for this, I think that's why I got so nervous. It turns out my nerves were the worst part. Funny though, I did leave with a new found respect for my amazing organs too! I've always cringed when my friends have described labor - all those people getting up close and personal with your most private space. I've always been super uncomfortable with just my annual exam, but I have a feeling I'm about to get used to having people 'working' down there.... yikes!

Online forums... or "O.F.?"

I started "researching" then posting on a forum ( and immediately got responses. Here is my first reply... Thank you for the warm welcome!!! It will take me a while to get used to these acronyms, but I'm so glad I have somewhere to come for advice, support, and info!!! I'm stupid-nervous about my appointment tonight. My students have asked if I feel ok... I think I'm a distracted teacher today! So, in order to occupy my mind I've decided to be psychotically optimistic and post my ideal POA here. If anyone else cares to join me, please feel free!!! In a perfect world, considering the cards we've already been dealt... My hysteroscopy goes perfectly well- like a pap or something simple. My DH's SA comes back perfect and we can start treatment right away. (Of course, our insurance covers 90% without a bunch of red tape). We do one cycle of IUI and get pregnant with twins. I have an easy pregnancy, look beautiful and glowy every day and have a romantic, easy, natural delivery. It's a boy, who we name William David Vincent and call "Wills" or "Liam" for short, and a girl we name Hana Junerose Arlette, and call her "JR" or "Sissy." They grow up to be smart, charming, and compassionate people. The four of us, and our dogs and chickens, live happily every after and leave thoughts of infertility and TTC foums a distant memory except for the constant prayer that goes up for the other couples walking in the shoes of our past. The end!

The impatient wife and the paraplegic... Intro

Once upon a time... Hello! I am new to the land of blogs and forums and to the world of TTC. My husband, 39/paraplegic, and I knew we'd need some help starting our family before we got married, but we didn't realize we'd learn a doctorate's worth of information, use NASA like technology, and make a commitment to making TTC a lifestyle rather than a Dr.s appointment. So I am so glad you're all here and hope this story has a happy ending! We've been married for 1 1/2 years now and decided about a month ago that the time had come to start our journey to familyhood. I am a teacher so last week I was off for fall break and he took the week off too. I did a whole body cleanse, removed as many chemicals, plastics, and preservatives from our lives as possible which made me feel productive while we waited for our appointment/vacation week to arrive. 10/16: We met with a witty, funny, caring, and possibly crazy urologist. We are doing construction on our house and all the interior doors have been removed to be widened and painted so we've already been "bonding" over our new found lack of privacy; the really personal questions she asked us was just taking the bonding to a new level. Thankfully her blunt humor made us laugh too and the appointment was fun in a weird way. She gave us meds to help with erections which would make getting a sample for analysis much easier (we hope). Then she referred us to an RE. 10/17: Now for the RE, who was not as fun, but very kind. The entire staff was incredible and I'm looking forward to hanging out with them through this journey. He walked us through the process and they talked to us about insurance, testing, finances, and best and worst case scenarios. Since I was on cycle day 6 they said we could start my part. My husband is on antibiotics for a UTI (common for paras) so we have to wait for his SA. 10/19: I went back for an U/S and saline inflation...not fun! He found 3 cysts on each ovary and 1 ovary was hard to locate (ummm?). I also have a small polyp in my uterus. This was the moment I realized this was going to be more than a 'come in on ovulation day and we'll turkey baste ya' sort of process. On Wednesday I have a hysteroscopy that I'm not super excited about and then I have bloodwork to do on cycle day 3 which will be about 11/10. My husband will not be able to do his test till November either. I'll post after my procedure!__________________