Monday, November 19, 2012

Online forums... or "O.F.?"

I started "researching" then posting on a forum ( and immediately got responses. Here is my first reply... Thank you for the warm welcome!!! It will take me a while to get used to these acronyms, but I'm so glad I have somewhere to come for advice, support, and info!!! I'm stupid-nervous about my appointment tonight. My students have asked if I feel ok... I think I'm a distracted teacher today! So, in order to occupy my mind I've decided to be psychotically optimistic and post my ideal POA here. If anyone else cares to join me, please feel free!!! In a perfect world, considering the cards we've already been dealt... My hysteroscopy goes perfectly well- like a pap or something simple. My DH's SA comes back perfect and we can start treatment right away. (Of course, our insurance covers 90% without a bunch of red tape). We do one cycle of IUI and get pregnant with twins. I have an easy pregnancy, look beautiful and glowy every day and have a romantic, easy, natural delivery. It's a boy, who we name William David Vincent and call "Wills" or "Liam" for short, and a girl we name Hana Junerose Arlette, and call her "JR" or "Sissy." They grow up to be smart, charming, and compassionate people. The four of us, and our dogs and chickens, live happily every after and leave thoughts of infertility and TTC foums a distant memory except for the constant prayer that goes up for the other couples walking in the shoes of our past. The end!

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