Monday, November 19, 2012

The impatient wife and the paraplegic... Intro

Once upon a time... Hello! I am new to the land of blogs and forums and to the world of TTC. My husband, 39/paraplegic, and I knew we'd need some help starting our family before we got married, but we didn't realize we'd learn a doctorate's worth of information, use NASA like technology, and make a commitment to making TTC a lifestyle rather than a Dr.s appointment. So I am so glad you're all here and hope this story has a happy ending! We've been married for 1 1/2 years now and decided about a month ago that the time had come to start our journey to familyhood. I am a teacher so last week I was off for fall break and he took the week off too. I did a whole body cleanse, removed as many chemicals, plastics, and preservatives from our lives as possible which made me feel productive while we waited for our appointment/vacation week to arrive. 10/16: We met with a witty, funny, caring, and possibly crazy urologist. We are doing construction on our house and all the interior doors have been removed to be widened and painted so we've already been "bonding" over our new found lack of privacy; the really personal questions she asked us was just taking the bonding to a new level. Thankfully her blunt humor made us laugh too and the appointment was fun in a weird way. She gave us meds to help with erections which would make getting a sample for analysis much easier (we hope). Then she referred us to an RE. 10/17: Now for the RE, who was not as fun, but very kind. The entire staff was incredible and I'm looking forward to hanging out with them through this journey. He walked us through the process and they talked to us about insurance, testing, finances, and best and worst case scenarios. Since I was on cycle day 6 they said we could start my part. My husband is on antibiotics for a UTI (common for paras) so we have to wait for his SA. 10/19: I went back for an U/S and saline inflation...not fun! He found 3 cysts on each ovary and 1 ovary was hard to locate (ummm?). I also have a small polyp in my uterus. This was the moment I realized this was going to be more than a 'come in on ovulation day and we'll turkey baste ya' sort of process. On Wednesday I have a hysteroscopy that I'm not super excited about and then I have bloodwork to do on cycle day 3 which will be about 11/10. My husband will not be able to do his test till November either. I'll post after my procedure!__________________

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