Monday, November 19, 2012

U/S and Saline Hysteroscopy

Hi! So my wonderful RE and his amazing team put me at ease instantly and all my nerves were for nothing. They gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers to help with the local anesthisia, but by making me laugh and showing me live video feed of my baby making mechanisms they totally distracted me and 15 minutes later it was over. DH can do SA next week and if there is usable stuff we'll freeze it in case we don't get another good sample, then I'll do the hsg (dye test for tubes) and next stop IUI! Prayers up! I read that many women are put under for this, I think that's why I got so nervous. It turns out my nerves were the worst part. Funny though, I did leave with a new found respect for my amazing organs too! I've always cringed when my friends have described labor - all those people getting up close and personal with your most private space. I've always been super uncomfortable with just my annual exam, but I have a feeling I'm about to get used to having people 'working' down there.... yikes!

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