Monday, November 19, 2012

It's all about the money

So, today I called Labcore, our RE, CVS Caremaerk, and United Healthcare so I can document and get a true idea about what this is going to be like. We've already met our deductible for the year, $4500, due to regular expenses my husband has. Here's what I know so far... RE: $1200 per IUI or $10,000 for IVF plus medication and lab work. $300 for 6 months of freezing storage. Hysteroscopy: $1270 (United paid $350, I'll pay $35), and USS/SUS (Hysteroscopy): $650 (United paid $260, I'll pay $26). United Healthcare: Covers all testing and treatment- lab bloodwork, U/S, HSG, hysteroscopy, etc. Covers up to $10,000 of IUI for a lifetime, no IVF, no donor stuff or storage. Labcorp: FSH and related tests about $800 (thankfully covered), S.A. $250 (also covered). Infectious disease screening about $1250 (covered...woohoo). CVS Caremark: I asked about some of the most common meds I've seen posted on here... not everything makes sense to me, but we'll see! Lupron Depot: 7.5mg syringekit - $89 Clomid: 50mg (5 days) - $70 Gonal-F: 450 U Vial - $70 Bravelle: 75 IU Vial (10 days) - $400 Menopur: 75 IU Vial (10 days) - $215 Follistim: 300 IU Vial - $40

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