Monday, November 19, 2012

Cycle Day 1... November

Ok, it's 11/8/12, CD1, and I'm weirdly excited... somehow that means a fresh start (since it does not yet signify failed attempts and hopefully never does). A few snags in the road, timing won't work for a November try (would have had to start meds today or the next few days I think) and DH has not been able to produce a sample. Urologist is meeting with us on the 13th and we're considering electroejacualtion as a possibility... poor guy. However, I am still hopeful for December, which was my initial plan anyway and I am good with that! If we get a BFP after December IUI I'd be able to tell him on his birthday which falls right after 2ww would be!!! I wanted to post the following though, just in case I lose it during my 2ww. Yesterday I had cramps, felt a little bloated, my boobs are slightly sore and full. Today I am so light its like spotting. And all week leading up to this I have been SUPER tired, slightly emotional, and have had days of extreme hunger and no appetite. So, if during my 2ww I start thinking those are symptoms, please encourage my optimism, but remind me of these realities!! Hehe!! Thanks ahead of time.

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