Monday, November 19, 2012

Bump in the night... I mean road

So we went to the Urologist last week and told her what was going on. The office seemed a bit disorganized, but everyone was still free spirited and kind. Poor DH is going to have to try electro-ejaculation simulation (high powered external vibrator- in office) to get a sample which we will pray over like crazy and freeze right away. If he can't produce a sample that way it will have to require minor (but major to the patient) surgery to capture some swimmers. He is frustrated, but taking this all really well. I'm proud of us for continuing to laugh and love our way through this- which is strange because a year ago we could have a terrible 3-day fight over wall paint color. Gotta love the gift of time- I totally get the age old advice, "The first year is the hardest," and I'm glad we didn't attempt any fertility stuff back then! Anyway, below are my CD3 blood test results. My RE is going to discuss them with me later so any incite would be welcome. He is also going to do my HSG now so we can keep moving forward despite the bump in the road. I'm happy about that because the feeling of "doing something" is better than the wait and see. He says it's an easy 15 minute procedure and I'll be just fine and that it's not as bad as the hysteroscopy, which was also fine, but I've read much different opinions on here so we'll see??? Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) 3.8 ng/mL TSH 1.100 uIU/mL LH 6.6 mIU/mL FSH 8.9 mIU/mL Prolactin 13.8 ng/mL Estradiol 36.9 pg/mL Rubella Antibodies, IgG 56 IU/mL __________________ Here is our checklist so far... Me: This and that now that we're checking, but nothing too serious. 27/F DH: Paraplegic. 39/M Us: We are in the beginning stages of this and hoping to start our family using IUI soon. - 10/16: Urologist gave us meds to help with erections which would make getting a sample for analysis easier. - 10/17: RE walked us through the process. DH on antibiotics for a UTI so we have to wait for SA. - 10/19: US and saline inflation found 3 cysts on each ovary and a small polyp in my uterus. - 10/24: Hysteroscopy. Watched live video feed of my baby making mechanisms. Polyp and cysts are ignorable for now. - 11/2: DH did infecious disease screening - 11/8: CD1 - 11/10: My CD 3 Blood test results:AMH: 3.8, TSH 1.100, LH 6.6, FSH 8.9, Prolactin 13.8, Estradiol 36.9, Rubella Antibodies, IgG 56 - 11/13 Urology Apt. We're going to have to do Electro-Ejaculation Simulation or surgical sperm removal due to sudden inability to ejaculate (Poor D.H.)

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