Friday, February 22, 2013

1 Week past IUI, 1 Week till test

Ok, sorry it's been so long since my last post!! I took the trigger shot, and despite scary warnings from my doctor about it stinging a lot- I had no problem with it. So far I've still had no emotional symptoms and very few physical symptoms from any of the medication. The day of the IUI we went in at 40 hours past the trigger and completed the IUI with no pain- just the normal speculum discomfort, and it was over in minutes. No U/S or blood work so hopefully I ovulated? We only had 2.5 million "good" swimmers which is far from ideal, but we've probably sent at least one prayer up for each one!! That night I started crinone, progesterone suppositories and I've been on Vivelle Dot estradiol patch for about 10 days. The progesterone is making me very tired, I've been sleeping A LOT, and is making my boobs REALLY hurt, but no other symptoms. I decided to take a HPT every few days starting on the day of IUI to test out the trigger- I wanted to know when the hcg from the shot had worn off so I'd know if I got a positive pregnancy test later that it wasn't just the shot. Then I bought an undisclosed amount of dollar store HPTs so I could test everyday... I'm officially obsessing!!!

Today is my one week mark, halfway through the two week wait. I've decided that this daily testing idea was a mistake since I have several different brands of tests. Yesterday the $ store one was stark white negative and the day before the clearblue was barely positive, but this morning on a FRER I got a very very faint positive. I'm 7dpiui and 8.5dp trigger. I took 1 250 shot of Ovidrel and think it should be out of my system, but also know it's too early for BFP and now I'm going crazy! Note to self, be patient!! If I have to do this again (and God willing I won't) I will only test once- the day before Beta!! So, am I going to stop daily testing now? No, I can't, I'm addicted... what is wrong with me?? Haha, anyway, today is CD22, not much longer!!!!

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