Friday, March 1, 2013

Not our time... I guess

I'm officially out! I had my Beta blood test this morning and just got the call- I regret taking it at school, I thought I'd already wrapped my mind around a failed cycle, but getting the call feels much worse than watching for a line that never shows up. They said my progesterone is really good, but HCG level was below 2. I am dreading the AF that is inevitable... We're not going on to do a March cycle, not sure if we'll do another IUI or not. 3 highly acclaimed doctors have said that doing IUI with any male factor issue is pretty pointless and that doing more than 3 IUI's is also, but then I see some people get BFP on their 5th... so many decisions.

I had hoped to do a really cute Easter announcement to my family- ugh, this is much harder than I'd anticipated.

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