Friday, February 8, 2013

CD8 Bloodwork and U/S

I'm waiting to hear back about the estradiol and progesterone numbers, but the appointment went well. I have 8 follies, 3 that are 9 (2 right/1 left), and the rest 6 or under. My lining was about 6.5. They will let me know my numbers this afternoon and whether or not and how much Follistim to use. I got back Monday to do the same tests again. I also spoke to my RE about the SIRM conference I went to and conversation with Dr. Sher. He is very supportive of ordering any tests I want, but says he has my best interests and budget in mind. He also thinks we have a less than 10% chance of IUI working with male factor issues, BUT says its worth trying. I feel content with that and I physically and emotionally feel great right now so why not?

Bloodwork results:

I have to take the Follistim: 25 iu tonight, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Monday morning
Estradiol was 191 and P4 was less than .5
My numbers are low, but they said the progesterone suppositories will help as will the follistim and I go back on Monday morning to check in again! Prayers up!!!

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