Friday, February 1, 2013


The appointment on the phone went well, Dr. Sher is such a nice person, but very matter-a-fact. He confirmed what my RE has said- IUI with any male factor issue is not often successful, but why not try it just in case? He said with our age/numbers/history we'd have an 85% chance of success and could donate our frozen babies to couples who couldn't otherwise afford egg donation... lot to consider there.

He also said to apply for free IVF to and if we don't qualify and would like him to be our doctor he would do whatever he could to reduce costs and ethical dilemmas to our comfort level- very kind.

We decided to move forward with our Feb. IUI. CD1 should be any day now and I'm trying to not stress so comes quickly! If it doesn't work, we'll talk about what next. I've asked my doctor to order the activated natural killer cell test though just in case.

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