Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Men have moments too...

Wow, a lot has happened since my last check in... we had a few days in non IF land! Today I am having dinner with a girlfriend who is about to start her second attempt at IVF, I think I'm going to tell her that we're knee deep in treatment too. Other than our marriage mentor couple (who know EVERYTHING about us), we haven't told anyone about this journey- not even family. I think she'll be a good person to talk to since we are in very different situations and if one of us gets the BFP before the other or if we both BPF ot BFN at the same time it will be nice to know. I still don't know about the work trip which is making me crazy, but AF seems like she'll be delayed a day or two anyway- must be because I want her to get here, she's going to take her time or my body is already just losing it! LOL My husband had a moment yesterday where I thought we'd call off the whole thing. Not a fight exactly, but a freak out. I have been doing so much research, blogging, and connecting with all of you, but he hasn't had an outlet or time to do any research. Out of the blue he decided to "google" side effects, success rates, multiples, etc and got really worried. He doesn't want to put me at risk which I totally get and he knows I am such a naturalist and never take medication that this is a huge deal. I told him that I am at peace with it, trusting God, and have wrapped my mind around the lack of other options. BUT I am also very open to foster care, adoption, and/or becoming an animal hoarder instead of biological mother where he is not so open. Long story short, we talked and prayed, laughed and cried and this morning he called the Doctor's office. One of the nurses (who clearly had me in mind) told him not to worry, I am healthy and young, and the meds are all different variations of things like birth control pills. She also told him that all we can do is take it a step at a time and only 1 of 10 of her cases ends up with twins and even fewer with higher order multiples. He called me excited again, relieved, and requesting I refuse to go on the business trip so we can get this done in January. Thanks Theressa!!!

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