Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dream on...

I'm looking back at some of my posts and realizing I can't spell when I type. Oh well! Also, I wanted to add to my "ideal scenario"! I have IUI this month, around the 16th, which is my husband's birthday and we're due in October, the baby is born on "Sweetest Day" and we know there was some divine intervention there. Also, we hit the 12 week mark around Easter Sunday so we find a really cute, fun way to announce our pregnancy to friends and family. Oh, and while I'm dreaming I should ad that my husband doesn't argue at all with my desire to "wear" my baby, co-sleep while breastfeeding, cloth diaper, and avoid most vaccinations. And to continue the dream, we have a really fun baby shower that's more like a co-ed party with all our friends, family, and neighbors. Oh, AND some of my other girlfriends with babies agree to co-op childcare so we can have our babies at home with a nanny, and if the nanny needs a sick day or vacation we take turns staying home from work, we also share laundry duty, baby food making, and date night/weekend childcare!! AAAANNNDDD.... baby is so smart and wonderful that he/she is accepted to my school at 3 so we're together from Pre-K through 6th grade! Am I missing anything??

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